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    1. Boston University Summer Term

      Boston University Summer Term 2019

      Your summer begins at BU—start planning your summer study in Boston today.
      View all Summer Term 2019 course listings.

      Register now for summer classes.

      Important Dates 2019
      Registration Opens
      February 21
      Session 1
      May 21 to June 28
      Session 2
      July 1 to August 9

      Congratulations to Kennedy Morrow (SED) and Alexander Sikand (CAS), winners of our 2019 tuition raffle!

      Choose from over 700 college courses:

      student studying on campus

      Your Summer Begins Here

      Browse hundreds of courses being offered during Summer Term 2019
      Imagine spending your summer in Boston, ranked the nation’s #1 student city
      Picture yourself as part of a diverse community of students and faculty
      Advance your studies at Boston University, one of the world’s top schools

      Register today.

      BU Summer Term

      Your Summer Begins at BU. Boston’s rich history and culture remain evident despite tremendous growth and innovation. Just a short trip away from campus—on foot or by public transportation—you’ll find world-class museums, music venues, theaters, and restaurants. For those who enjoy outdoor activities, Boston offers a multitude of green parks. It’s also easy to access New England’s mountains, beaches, and historic towns. Plus, the BU campus is a stone’s throw from Fenway Park, home of the 2018 World Series Champions, the Boston Red Sox. If you like sports, culture, and outdoor activities, this is your town.

      Contact Us

      Boston University Summer Term
      755 Commonwealth Ave, Rm 105
      Boston, MA 02215

      Phone: 617-353-5124
      Fax: 617-353-5532
      Email: summer@bu.edu