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    1. Build

      Come down to BUild Lab to learn about the vast network of resources available to the BU community, including expert mentors, on-campus clubs, and makerspaces.
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      What makes Boston such a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem? BU’s world-class researchers and students uncover the latest on innovation to support our vibrant local community.
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      A vast curriculum of classes and concentrations are available to students looking to enhance their studies with innovation and entrepreneurial coursework.
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      Spring Innovation Seed Grants Support 4 CFA Student Projects

      From theater performances to interactive arts programs at Boston Medical Center, a second round of seed grants supports BU art students.

      Ricardo Villarreal (ENG’20) & Coco College: Redefining the Student Marketplace

      From a beta website to a fully operational mobile app, Coco College helps students buy and sell used goods without the fear of dangerous or fraudulent transactions.?

      Highlights From Innovation Week 2019

      Over the last 10 days, BU Terriers have pitched, cooked, performed, tested, toured, networked, danced, and collaborated! Check out highlights from events across the University.

      Innovate@BU 2019 Summer Accelerator Cohort Announced!

      From 73 applications to the final 20, meet Innovate@BU’s Summer Accelerator 2019 cohort.

      Innovate@BU Partnerships Offer New Resources to Student Innovators

      Partners include Hubspot, Amazon Web Services, MassChallenge, Techstars and more.

      BU’s Second Innovation Week Celebrates Creativity with Added Student-Led Events

      Over 40 opportunities to explore food innovation, public health, sustainability, creative arts, and more.

      12 Student Teams Compete for $64,000 on April 26

      Annual New Venture Competition comes to a close with six tech and six social impact teams competing for the grand prize.

      Be An Ambassador for Innovation Across BU!

      Apply to the Student Leadership Council by April 14!