The Institute for Health System Innovation & Policy

The Institute for Health System Innovation & Policy

The Institute for Health System Innovation and Policy was created by Boston University in September of 2016, to develop solutions?to address the critical challenges of?health and healthcare, both in the United States and globally.? Its goal is to transform healthcare through integration and innovation across?science and technology, system design and management, leadership, and policy development.

Dr. Jonathan Woodson is the founding Director of the Institute.? He brings an exceptional ability to bridge research, education, management, business, clinical practice, and public policy. ?His?integration of arenas that typically function in isolation underlies the unique approach of the Institute to creating positive impact.

The Institute is truly a?university-wide organization, drawing upon?the diversity of the Boston University community’s constituent schools and faculty, as well the greater Boston bio-technology and medical ecosystem, to leverage the?development of leaders and solutions for the complex current and future problems in healthcare.

The Institute is committed to research and education to support the development and deployment of capabilities to produce effective and efficient healthcare delivery, optimal health outcomes, and better population health. It uses analytic tools and evidence-based study to improve the value creation across all elements of the healthcare system.?

Please see the Annual Report 2017-2018 for a look at the Institute’s past year of activity.