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    1. learning

      A New Semester

      Rehabilitation program helps young adults return to college after a brain injury

      article from Inside Sargent

      Occupational Justice

      DiverseOT empowers incarcerated women to take control of their lives

      article from Inside Sargent

      Exploring the World of Augmented and Virtual Reality

      BU’s AR/VR club members immerse themselves in new technologies

      video from BU Today

      "What's in MLK's Briefcase?

      Students investigate the power of objects at BU's Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center"

      article from Arts & Sciences

      The Woodworker

      National woodturning award-winner Justin Fiaschetti (ENG’21) says his engineering degree complements his art

      video from BU Today

      US Rep. John Lewis (Hon.’18) to 2018 Grads: Be Bold and Courageous

      Civil rights leader says the world needs them to stand up for what’s right

      video from Commencement

      Darcy Gould Helps BU Athletes Be Their Best

      Athletics strength and conditioning coach helps improve bodies and minds

      video from BU Today

      Perfecting Their Katas

      Shotokan Karate Club

      video from BU Today

      The Science of Color

      CFA class teaches color scientists how color fools our eyes

      article from Esprit

      Physicists Uncover Swimming Secrets of H. pylori Bacteria

      How the ulcer- and cancer-causing pathogen survives the stomach

      article from Research