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    1. global

      Farmers & Forests

      Economist and geographer Rachael Garrett wants to save Brazil’s rainforest, while helping farmers and ranchers thrive

      article from Research

      Combating Global Warming With Underwater Pictures

      COM alum captures view few ever see for National Geographic

      video from BU Today

      Clamshells and Climate Change

      What seal bones and clamshells teach us about past climate.

      article from BU Research

      Can Boston Be a Green City by 2050?

      CAS experts to help cut carbon emissions to zero

      article from Arts & Sciences

      Bad Medicine

      Fake and substandard drugs endanger hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Two BU professors and an alum are doing something about it.

      article from Bostonia

      Robot Boats and Drug Subs

      ENG prof and students developing autonomous boats to find drug traffickers

      video from BU Today

      Stories To End Syria's War

      As head of communications for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Melissa Fleming tells stories of resilience to draw attention to the worst humanitarian crisis of our time

      article from ComTalk

      Changing The Everyday With Technology

      Alumni rethink how we go about ordinary tasks and making life a lot simpler for the rest of us.

      article from Arts & Sciences

      BU Law School Guides Global Effort to Combat Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs

      $350 million aimed at new antibiotics and rapid diagnostics

      article from BU Research

      Why Terrorists Kill

      Terrorism expert Jessica Stern explores the motives behind violent extremism

      article from Bostonia