BU Crowdfunding

Boston University is proud to announce the pilot launch of its first-ever community fundraising platform: BU Crowdfunding. Think of it as a BU-exclusive, University-supported Kickstarter or Indiegogo. It’s an easy-to-use tool to collect donations, offer incentives, and get the word out.

Groups and individuals affiliated with BU, including students, faculty, and staff, can create their own crowdfunding projects on the site and raise money for innovative creations, service trips, events, research, and other BU-specific ventures—anything that supports BU’s overall mission and improves the BU community, on campus and beyond.
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How it Works

The tool is free to use, and 100 percent of funds that are raised go straight to the project, whether or not the fundraising goal is met. Every project, and its goal amount, is vetted by BU’s Crowdfunding team, which also mentors groups and helps provide content.

Those interested in supporting BU’s students, research, and mission—including BU’s vast global network of 300,000 alumni, 30,000 students, 29,000 parents, and 9,000 faculty and staff members—will be directed to the site and able to donate to any cause or project of interest. Donors will be able to receive perks specific to the project they support, from the chance to guest conduct the BU Band to coffee and conversation with a pioneering researcher.

Crowdfunding groups will use social media, personal connections, and direct email asks to raise funds and promote awareness—extending the project’s reach beyond the BU community to each group member’s family, friends, and relatives.
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